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Transitions  and Coaching

Journey forward  
                   to the life you desire

Our journey and the paths we take in life are in part, what makes us each unique.  From the day-to-day challenges, to life changing events out of our control, we are constantly revising the way we see and participate in the world around us. 

Adjusting to new life circumstances can be challenging.  Talking with a professional can help by reducing levels of stress and working on transition coping skills.  Some common transition issues that our clinicians work with are;

  • Caregiver burn out

  • Divorce

  • Grief from loss

  • Trauma recovery

  • Coping with medical illness

With an individualized approach, our team helps clients discover their unique brilliance; clients will be challenged to rise above their self-imposed limitations.  Our process will teach clients to remain in the present moment and utilizes a more active participation for self discovery and goal achievement.  Gaining insight and self awareness to one's personal barriers is only the first step.  We focus on action steps based on a client's personal areas of strength. This produces higher success rates with more comprehensive results.  With this approach, clients will learn how to feel empowered by their decisions and gain more fulfillment with their direction in life by creating a deeper sense of self awareness. 

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."  – Thomas A. Edison

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