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Stress, Depression and Anxiety

Retrain your brain
in matters of mood

Nobody is immune to feelings of stress, sadness or anxiety and there are plenty of stressors in life that bring about these feelings.  If however, these feelings last too long they start to impact our life making it hard to be our best self and accomplish the things we want.   

The following symptoms can be seen with stress, depression or anxiety and they can be changed through specific therapy approaches;

  • Feeling general sadness, lack of energy, low self-esteem or having trouble enjoying activities that used to make you happy

  • Feeling overwhelmed day to day with no sense of relief

  • Worrying about the future more often than living in the present

  • Feeling anxious and uneasy in certain situations or generally

  • Trouble focusing or completing normal everyday tasks

  • Trouble sleeping or change in eating habits

  • Feelings of guilt

  • Irritability without a root cause

We will work with you to help uncover an understanding of negative thought patterns and triggers, develop coping skills, and gain control over the problem for a happier life

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